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28th Jul 2023

Moving Office? Things that should be at the top of your mind


Shortlist Movers & Packers & ask for Quote

Office moving is not like moving home (link to article no.1 if you want) but for the fact that stress and disruption is inevitable here too and is bound to make you lose patience at some point. First thing you need to do while moving office is to assess things your office has and need
to be moved, do your homework. Shortlist some movers and packers; see which of them fit your budget and offer services the city or area you’re moving into. Set a budget and stick to it as far as possible.

See if you need insurance

When you’re moving home you may not consider insurance as an option but when you’re moving office, you need to give it a serious thought. Sometimes not taking an insurance or taking the security it provides lightly can end up heavily on your pocket and cause disruption in working at your new location. If this happens it is not really an ideal start at a new location.

If your business is dependent on one or more than one heavy or expensive piece of machinery without which your business can halt, then it is better to get insurance instead of taking a chance. Most reliable and established movers and packers do offering services across India do have insurance option. However the client has to bear the premium. It is not included in the quote unless you’ve already discussed it with the movers you’ve hired.

Notify Employees and Associates

Amongst the first thing you have to do after finalizing moving is to notify your staff about the upcoming relocation. And let them know what their role will be. Likewise inform your client, associates, affiliates, dealers, etc. about your move. Share your new address, phone number, location well in time.

Create a Team to Supervise Packing & Moving Process

Make a team that will supervise, delegate, and execute the process. Instead of involving entire staff and create confusion, make a team, decide who from the higher, middle, and lower management will be involved in the process of packing, loading, unloading, unpacking, arranging etc. Define roles for each person clearly. Get everything in writing.

Confirm Internet & Phone Installation as you move

Make sure you’ve hired a team to set up above mentioned services which will help you to get back to business like you used to in your old location as soon as you move into the new premise.

Confirm computer and IT services setup

If you have an in-house team skills in setting these services up, you have to make sure that the relocation plan with date and other details has been communicated internally to them. This will help them to figure out among themselves who will take which responsibility. However, if you do not have an in-house IT team, you got to hire professionals who can install your IT systems at the new location. This has to be executed on time to ensure everything is ready and staff can start work at the new location a-sap.

There are many other factors to keep in mind while moving office, however these should be taken up on priority.