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Shifting Process

Shifting Process

Household shifting, also known as residential relocation or moving, refers to the process of moving one’s household belongings and personal possessions from one location to another. This process can be both exciting and challenging, but with proper planning and organization, it can go smoothly. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you with the household shifting process:

Pre-Move Survey

For the domestic relocation Packers and movers will contact you and will collect all the shifting requirements and then they will conduct a survey to collect your all the requirements & do the site relocation and provide you the exact charges.

Furniture & Appliances Disassembly

Before loading your household goods onto the carriage vehicle, the packers and movers will disassemble your heavy furniture (like Bed, Wardrobe, cabinets, chairs, glass tables, etc.) and electronic Appliances (like TV, Computer, Home theater, Projectors, etc.). We can also take care of other related tasks like utilities and move of heavy items.

Standard Packing

Packing is a very crucial step which carried out carefully so your belongings will be fine. The safety of your belongings also depends on the material used to pack the items. Packers and movers associated with us will make sure to pack glass or mirrored items of furniture, crockery, and other fragile items by using special packing materials such as cardboard cartons, air bubble wrap, packing paper, Stretch wrap and adhesive tape, etc.

Safe Loading

Packing of the goods is only successful when the goods will be loaded carefully into the vehicle. Our associated packers and movers will use the precise techniques to load your household or office luggage safely. For the domestic relocation the loading is done safely because the distance will be long and in the long journey the chances of damaging can increase, but with careful execution, it can eliminate.

Fast Transportation

Transportation of goods from one state to another state need special care and expertize. Our associated experts will not negotiate on the safety of your goods. The goods will pick by the packers and movers themselves and afterward they will handle the goods to their associated transporters who will safely deliver your products to your doorstep safely.

Doorstep Unloading

In case of domestic relocation, service unloading is done by the transporters safely. These transporters are experienced in handling all kind of goods and will unload the goods safely. After unloading, they will cross-check the goods from the checklist the received from the packers and movers.

In the domestic relocation the packers and movers will not provide you the unpacking and shifting services as they are delivering the products with the help of their transporters but if you need these services you can ask before, and this is one factor on which prices may vary.

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