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House Moving Tips For Efficient & Tension Free Relocation

We’re providing a standard checklist for benefit of clients planning to move. We absolutely understand that every home is different; their possessions are different; their requirements are unique. However it helps to have standard guidelines handy. If you have school going kids, toddlers, or senior citizens, moving home becomes that much more complicated. So hopefully these tips will make moving easy. When our team member visits your premise we they’ll give you a precise idea after survey to save you time, money, and effort and answer all your questions. For help Call +91 9372208853

  • Find a professional, experienced, & reliable packers & movers. Settling with an inferior service provider for a few hundred rupees less may prove to be expensive in the long run.
  • If you’re vacating a rented property it is a good idea to notify your landlord of the date you are vacating so that he can come to inspect property if he wants.
  • Organize a cleaner for the home you’re vacating as well as for the new home in new city you’re going to occupy to clean the house before leaving and shifting. If you want we can arrange it for you. You can also ask your new landlord in new city to have it cleaned before your unloading starts.
  • When you’ve shortlisted and are in discussion with packers and movers, tell them about which floor you’re moving from and to, availability of lifts, stairs, narrow main doors, or any other inconveniences for them to plan and arrive better equipped
  • Start making a list of things prior to move that need switching off like, disconnection of the phone line if required, gas and electricity, internet, Cable TV etc.

Here are some more practical house moving tips

  • Take a backup of your computer hard drive on time to avoid last minute hassle. Make sure the printer and all connecting devices are disconnected before packing
  • Start processing papers and formalities for reconnection of phone, gas, electricity, internet and cable TV, stopping newspaper at the new address
  • Create a docket that will carry all your family’s medical, dental, school and vet records; car insurance, update your drivers’ license, passport, registration and insurance papers to avoid confusion. Put all the important nut bolts, screws, lugs, brackets, keys, remote, adaptors, etc. in a zip lock bag & keep it safe.
  • When packers and movers have arrived and it’s a day your day will be hassled and packed with work, it is better to leave pets in Kennels and kids at friend’s place so that you can focus on packing and loading.
  • As you’re getting ready to pack & move to a new home or city, it’s a great time to sort out inventory or items that you want to keep, dispose, donate, give away or sell. If it’s too much work, we can send staff to help you. They are experienced and help you make decisions on what items are important and what to keep, what to give to charity, or throw away, etc.
  • Start using all the remaining food in your refrigerator a week before you’re moving
  • Start using all the remaining food in your refrigerator a week before you’re moving
  • Preferably defrost and clean your fridge and freezer
  • Keep packing the personal luggage bag for the last moment. Your toiletries, medications, toilet paper, wipes etc. Carry any jewelry or valuables with you.
  • Remember to return all spare keys and garage door keys to the landlord
  • Before leaving, take one last relaxed look to see if anything remains
  • Make a diary to list down things to do and what is kept where t avoid hassles while unloading and setting up the new home