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28th Jul 2023

Relocating with Family? Here are Some Tips you can’t ignore


When you are relocating with family, you have to be extra organized and it is advised to follow a plan to avoid stress, save time and money. One is anyway anxious and unfamiliar with surroundings while moving into a new home or city. To make the experience of moving smooth, you have to take the right steps. We are sharing some packing tips for families planning to move.


When you’re packing, actually even before you start packing, you have to start to de-clutter. Don’t move stuff to the new location that you have not used for a few years and are neither likely to. Make sure you have measurements of your new home; it will help you to know in advance which closets, chest of drawers, beds, furniture etc. to keep and what to giveaway, sell, or donate.

Start packing ahead of time

When dates have been decided to move abroad it’s the right time to start packing. Break packing into steps and start packing and making boxes or bundles of things you are not going to use until you reach your new home. Set one hour aside every day and devote it to packing. Instead of leaving everything for the last two days, if you do small packing everyday it will help you to settle down in your new home smoothly without stress. Take one room at a time and start making small boxes and labeling them. Remember to pack pairs or sets together so that it is easier to find once you’ve settled down in new home.

Make a box or bag of essential items:

Make one box of handy things you will need immediately on getting into new home. You are the best person to judge what items will go into the handy bag. Things that families with infants will carry will be different from families with senior citizen or teens. So make a checklist of things that will go in handy bag. Making one will prove to be tremendously helpful.

Unique Color Packing for Each Room

To make it easy for team at the other end to unpack and arrange things, you should have different color packing for different rooms. It will make it easy to identify what goes where. It will save you time and extra efforts.

Don’t overstuff boxes

While packing take as many boxes as you require. Pack everything in a way that the boxes are easy to load and pick up and will not break at the seams in transit. If you over stuff or cram them with too many things it will end up being a new sense. Create easy-to-lift boxes. Understand how much Keep your largest boxes

Bundle the breakables, Use Plastic Wrappings

Every household has some fragile items. For fragile items you pack, use plenty of cushion and padding to safeguard it against breakage in transit. Use plastic wrappings to avoid leakage or safeguarding your belongings against water. Do not make the mistake of placing empty spaces in in boxes. If you do this then the fragile items will move freely and are likely to break. Use extra cushion if there remains empty space in the box. Packing bone china and other fragile items may be a little time-consuming but it is better to spend time on packing than worrying about breaking them.

Packing Clothes

There is a knack to pack clothes. Packing suits, heavy wardrobe, or wedding wardrobe, regular wear all these will require special care, special boxes, convenient sizes. If you hire a good moving and packing company they will help you with packing everything every step of the way. You will save time, your belongings will reach the new destination on time and in good condition. If you don’t hire professional movers and packers to save a few thousand rupees, remember that the damage and inconvenience in can cause will make you poorer by several thousand. So while you take control and supervise, let professional movers and packers take charge.