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28th Jul 2023

Ultimate guide to moving abroad


With globalization, moving countries has become a common thing. Two types of people primarily look for packer and movers to relocate to other countries. People from other countries who temporarily move to India on work pretext look for moving companies when it is tie to move back home on completion of assignment. And second category is Indians transferred by their employers to handle operations in their offshore offices, which is an extremely common sight in IT industry. Same people returning to India after completion of assignment.

While planning shifting to other country there are some peculiar aspects that need to be looked into.

First and foremost is that you should look for verified movers and packers to handle your international shifting. A different kind of expertise and experience is required when you’re packing and moving your clients’ belongings to another country which has different rules and regulations, paper work etc. Let’s discuss some important aspects of moving abroad point wise in this blog.

Verify international moving company you decide to go with

When you shortlist moving companies for offshore shifting, ensure that they have experience of serving clients with international relocation. Before finalizing a moving company, verify their reputation. Find out from various sources whether or not they are legitimate and reputable. This is the most crucial step which should not be taken casually. Once you have taken time and have chosen the right packing and moving company, your moving experience becomes smooth
and comparatively hassle-free. There are some hiccups you have to be ready for no matter how experienced the movers you’ve hired are. Some glitches are likely to come. However a reputable company will handle it nicely.

You can also look for clients’ reviews whose international relocations they have handled and what do they have to say about their professionalism & credentials. Ahead of hiring their services you also have to know if they are accredited by an international moving association like FIDI or other governing body. The benefit of hiring an experienced and certified international moving company is that it saves your time minimizes stress for you and using money well. An experienced movers and packers agency can foresee the hurdles that a new one may be not able to.

Make a checklist:

International moving checklist goes beyond the domestic one. You have to make a special checklist of documents to keep track of important papers you need to carry and keep handy. Things like your passport, health certificates, if your pet is traveling with you, you need to carry special document for the pet too, visa… this checklist will ensure you don’t forget any important papers.

You have to be clear with regard to visa requirement and registering with embassy. We suggest you create this checklist on your mobile to make remember documents you need to before your international move.

Safe Packing

Plan packing small, big, expensive items; electronic & household items. When you’re moving everything has to be put into proper boxes and labeled to keep it safe and ensure it reaches our offshore destination safely. Professional moving and packing company with an international moving experience is your best bet.

Moving to a new country can indeed be a life-changing experience coming with its share of excitement with new cultures to explore. However, it can become quite a misadventure if you don’t prepare for your move. Hiring services of a moving company with integrity can help you settle in your new home in a new country with least stress. To make it so it is important to consider the above mentioned tips to make moving across international borders seamlessly.